I took a couple of lessons with Ipul. First off, he is located perfectly on Batu Bolong beach. If you’re with friends they can chill at the surf shop which is on the beach.
I had one surf lesson 8 years ago before I went to them, so you can say I was a beginner! They started with the technique on land, took time to explain what to do and how the waves worked. Then off for a warm-up before hitting the water & waves.
In the water they stayed by your side and told when to paddle or when to get up. They all speak good English and have enough surfboards in all different sizes. If you are tired or stop surfing and go back to the surf shop they are waiting with a fresh water for you. (you need it after all the sea water 😉 I really recommend these guys, besides helping & teaching you they are really friendly too. Go for this family if you want to surf on Bali!