Happy Customers

I took a couple of lessons with Ipul. First off, he is located perfectly on Batu Bolong beach. If you’re with friends they can chill at the surf shop which is on the beach.
I had one surf lesson 8 years ago before I went to them, so you can say I was a beginner! They started with the technique on land, took time to explain what to do and how the waves worked. Then off for a warm-up before hitting the water & waves.
In the water they stayed by your side and told when to paddle or when to get up. They all speak good English and have enough surfboards in all different sizes. If you are tired or stop surfing and go back to the surf shop they are waiting with a fresh water for you. (you need it after all the sea water 😉 I really recommend these guys, besides helping & teaching you they are really friendly too. Go for this family if you want to surf on Bali!


This surf experience here makes my vocation perfect! Better than I expected. Ipul is not only himself a good surfer but also a good coach who teaches me the skills to stand up on board, to make a turn, to speed up and slow down, and to tell different current. I’m not a good swimmer, but I knew he was there watching my back when I was in water, good to trust!


Me and my friends spent some days with Ipul and his staff and family, they were all kind and very friendly! They help us with the rent of the surfboard and the motorbike! Ipul is a very good teacher of surf! Only good vibes with them all! I really recommend to stay with them if you will go in Bali!


u r a good surf teacher😁😁


The surf lesson with Ipul in Canggu was so much fun! Agus and Ipul are the best teachers ever! They know everything about the waves and the water. The guys are always by your side to help you, so we felt safe all the time! It was soo good to stand up and ride our first waves with their help! We will definitely recommend mybalisurf to all our friends visiting Bali!

Michaela & Theresa

Ipul is a great surf-teacher!
First he explains the basics on the sand, and practicing standing on the board in the sand too.
In the water he helps by making speed and giving good advice. He is also very honest about when it is the best time to learn how to surf. Surfing was easier than I expected. After 2 lessons I asked him if I could go by myself, and he encouraged me to do that. If it wouldn’t go, I could always ask him again. So he didn’t try to sell me more lessons than needed, which is really honest of him! He is easygoing and gentle and I liked coming back to their surf rental. If you want a good teacher, I can definitely recommend Ipul!


I hadn’t been surfing in ages and was nervous getting back into it.  Ipul calmed my fears that the waves were too big or would hurt me and got back into surfing!  Highly recommended!


I took a beginner surf class with Ipul, and totally enjoyed the experience.  He is a patient and gifted teacher, makes the student feel comfortable and confident and has a warmhearted and peaceful personality.  I continued with a second class with him, and although I had too little time to really get into the basics, these lessons gave me a nice introduction to the fun of surfing.

Raisa, Finland

I had the pleasure of having my very first surf attempt in Canggu with Ipul.  Ipul was recommended to me and I found him very professional, punctual, positive and a very good teacher.  With his guidance I managed to stand up several times and experienced the surfing high!


The best surf teacher I met so far!  You made our trip to Canggu an absolute great experience!


It was so much fun!  Best instructor in Canggu, I’m sure.  Thanks for being an incredible surf teacher.

Anjali & Natalie

My whole family has learned to surf with Ipul!  We started in 2016 with my son (aged 10) then my daughter  (age 12) on this vacation – and now Ipul is teaching me (mum).  Ipul is a fantastic teacher – as well as an all round great person!  He really cares about each student and chooses the best board, conditions and waves to ensure maximum success for the beginner and enjoyment for the more experienced surfer.  He speaks perfect English so it’s very easy to communicate with him and he goes out of his way to make sure that his students have a great experience regardless of their ability.  ***** We highly recommend *****

Anna Heslop