Bali Backpacker Itinerary:  Top 10 Things to do in Bali on a Budget

Do you want discover the best of Bali whilst on a budget? Well, luckily for you we have put together a list of the top 10 must-see, must-do things in Bali which include renowned landscapes and cultural treasures, suitable for any budget traveler to do. You will be mesmerized by the countless spots of natural splendor, beautiful beaches and temples spread beautifully across this exotic place.

Whether you are a backpacker or a traveller just looking to have fun, from scenic glimpses to cultural bonanzas, this surfing paradise has something to offer almost everyone so let’s discover what the Island of the God’s fascinating culture holds for you:

#1:  Sprawl in the sea of gold in Desa Belok and mesmerize in the breathtaking Marigold flower fields. Marigolds are remarkable in Balinese culture due to the association of its golden hue with the Great Balinese God, Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. The best part being that you can enjoy visiting this natural, scenic beauty without shelling anything out from your pocket!

#2:  Fancy the idea of an early morning trek? Mount Batur offers spectacular views of the sunrise above the clouds with a tour guide, decent breakfast and memories to last a lifetime included.  Prices vary dependent on whether you trek privately or as part of a group, but for around £25- £30 it’s definitely on the must-do list.

#3:  Whilst in Bali, quench your thirst for action by surfing to your heart’s desire. Surfing, undoubtedly, is the sport that resulted in the popularity of Canggu, It tops the list as being the top water sport enterprise to cherish around Bali’s coastline. Ranging from sand breaks to testing reef breaks, experience the fun of surfing by taking surf lessons with a top surf school. You will be glad to know that surf lesson prices start at just £20 (350,000IDR) for a 2 hour lesson, which includes board rental, rash shirts, refreshments and skills to last you a lifetime.

#4:  Head to Goa Gajah, a gorgeous place named the Elephant Cave situated in Ubud and built in the 9th Take a tour for under £5 through the Goa Gajah, a beautiful place with a small waterfall, enthralling temple ruins and an exotic green terrain. For those who love peace, it’s a perfect spiritual pursuit.

#5:  Visit one of the nature’s beautiful splendors called Nusa Dua to visualize the lofty Indian Ocean waves dashing against rocky hills. Idyllic white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, you can relax and soak up the sun without spending a single penny to immerse in the memorable experience of catching a glimpse of this captivating natural wonder.

#6:  A short boat ride away to a place of outstanding charisma lies in Nusa Penida, also known as the broken sea, Pasih Uwug is a refreshing geographical spectacle. You can adore and even swim in the ocean waters (absolutely free!). If you want to splash a bit of cash whilst in Nusa Penida, you can take up diving for the day, go snorkeling or visit one of the many temples and shrines.

#7:  Book to see one of the famous Kecak Fire and Dance shows at Pura Dalem Teman Kaja, a beautiful Hindu temple in Ubud. If you buy a ticket from one of the vendors outside, it’ll only set you back around £5 and you will get to understand more about Bali’s cultural beliefs and legends in a highly dramatic and engaging format with loud music and extravagant costumes.

#8:  Depending on the conditions of the waves, it is worthwhile seeing if there are any surf competitions Usually held down in the south peninsula of the island when the best swells are confirmed, you can witness some of the world’s best surfer’s barrel their way through some of Bali’s most famous breaks for no cost at all!

#9:  For the young and the young-at-heart, Waterbom Bali (voted #2 best waterpark in the world) promises a day full of fun-filled and thrilling activities not just on land but also in the water. A single adult entry ticket costs merely £30 which gives you access to all 13 exhilarating water slides alongside other attractions and facilities. Guaranteed fun in the sun!

#10:  If you are looking for a more relaxing, spiritual experience whilst in Bali, why not engage in one of the yoga or meditation classes at Serenity Eco Guesthouse, voted one of Asia’s top 5 budget yoga retreats offering a wide range of different yoga classes starting at only £30 (110,000IDR) a session with discounts given the more classes you book upfront.

Sharpen your surfing skills, eat, meditate, chill, meet amazing people, explore the island or simply relax.

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