Tired After Surfing? Benefits of Coconut Water for Your Post Surfing Recovery

Surfing is, undoubtedly, a fun and rigorous workout.  Knowledge about what to eat not just before but even after you surf is important if you want to improve your surfing performance.  After all, your body is the vital constituent you are depending upon.  So, when surfing for long hours, it is essential to give your body the care and attention it deserves – and that’s where coconut water comes in!

Coconut Water – A Panacea For Post-Surfing Recovery

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  It is mandatory to refuel and recharge your body immediately after your surf session, so try to ensure you make healthy nutritional choices to speed up your post-surfing recovery process.  When we talk of healthy nutritional choices, one thing that should be on top of your post-surfing recovery list ought to be natural coconut water and yet another great thing about surfing in Bali is that fresh coconuts can be found almost everywhere in abundance.

Dubbed Mother Nature’s sports drink, electrolyte-rich coconut water is an awesome rejuvenating drink everyone simply loves!  The mere idea of sticking a straw (non plastic of course) into a fresh, green coconut for quenching your thirst is enticing.  After all, coconuts are not merely a garnishing drink to be taken along on any tropical beach. This wonderful gift from nature has already become one of the top sports drink choices for almost all surfers, not to forget the yoga lovers, gym hitters and healthy lifestyle guru’s.

Let us find out more why coconut water is simply magical and awesome for post-surfing recovery, especially for students taking their first beginner surf lessons:

  • Natural coconut water is a boon for re-hydration due to its high electrolyte content. So, it rejuvenates your muscles, brain function and nerve transmissions quite fast.
  • Coconut water is abundantly rich in sodium and potassium. It also has manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc in just the right amounts to give a quick boost to your body after a grueling post-surfing session.  No wonder, it has a remarkable edge over unnatural tasting, sugary sports drinks.
  • It contains just 5mg of natural sugars whilst some energy and sports drinks contain between 10-25mg of altered sugars.
  • It’s an isotonic solution that refuels your body with the minerals and the fluids it loses during surfing making you feel hydrated and energised in no time.
  • Natural coconut water has just a mere 46 calories per serving which is nothing compared to what you just burned off during your surf session!
  • Apart from being remarkably delicious and a great recovery drink, it is unsweetened, allergy and gluten free.
  • It contains potassium which is instrumental in keeping your kidney and heart healthy alongside keeping your blood pressure low.

Our potential to be a great surfer becomes limitless when we are adequately hydrated and fueled.  This is especially true when we are partaking in an outdoor, water based activity where we have to spend long hours exposed to the sun.  So take care of your body, only then it can take care of you.

Are you already going nuts over this amazing drink?

Thank Mother Nature for this wonderful gift called coconut water and keep surfing!


Author:  Harleen – Contributor to http://www.mybalisurf.com Blog




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